I am Manne Laukkanen, I do data utilization.

In short

I am on Big Data-coding, analytics crafting Finnish information technology professional and PhD psychologist, with peer-reviewed scientific publications and a musician's career on the side.
My computer science and M.A. studies are from the University of HelsinkiDepartment of Psychology and my PhD from Åbo Akademi, which I chose due to excellent quality of forensic psychology teaching there.
I have well over a decade of IT experience, also from global scale successful projects.

About Me

Humans I pictured in Washington D.C.

I am a lifelong student of quantifying and predicting human behaviour in different environments, be that behaviour healthy or pathological, benign or malign, in commercial, consumerial or private settings.
I currently work as a data utilization expert for data Big or small at Big Data Pump and my own company, Android templar, working recently at Fonecta as a Data Utilization Architect (e.g. building organized DW architecture and modular company 360 profile collection(s) on Hadoop(s) on AWS), working prior to that at as "Chief Analyst" at Reaktor Innovations, working prior to that at Fifth Element, a software company specializing in GIS and SAP. I am also CEO of a Data-as-a-Service -startup, Smart Data Hub.

My combination of topics at the university were psychology (studied to become a neuropsychologist, ended up doing a PhD about geo-profiling serial criminals) with a heavy dose of statistics and computer science, which I studied at University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science (the birthplace of Linux operating system). I am familiar with several research methods, data-asset modeling approaches and patterns, for traditional RDBMS:s (MySQL, TeraData, Oracle) and for Hadoop-flavoured ones alike (I have worked on Hadoop for some years now, being familiar with Amazon EMRs 3&4, HortonWorks and Cloudera's distributions) and am ever curious to learn more about scalable data architecture stacks, as well as about how to hack on them. I write SQL, HiveQL, some Python, some Java, studying Scala...among many other languages and technologies that have been needed along the road.

Having worked as a freelance and in-office professional musician I still play percussion, ranging from small pub/club gigs (mainly with members of Helsinki Pipes and Drums, drum core of which I lead) to large audience tv-appearances and recordings in various musical groups, also some side drum gigs along top orchestras of Finland, e.g. Finnish National Opera. I brought the very technical Scottish pipe band drumming style to Finland. It was most likely an accident.

I speak native Finnish, fluent English, mediocre Swedish and enough Spanish to get me through basic situations in a Spanish-speaking country.


For work related things, I prefer to be contacted LinkedIn.
Otherwise you can also contact me via Twitter or e-mail.

I see datasets accumulating as a function of time like mountains in a cloud storage. What do you see?